I’ve been looking forward to seeing Superbad since I saw the trailer back in April. This flick could be the first genuinely “funny” teen comedy without the word pie in the title. Well it’s funnier than any of the American Pies and a has a little more heart thrown in for good measure. It stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera as Seth and Evan two best buddies that are about split after each of them gets into different colleges.

Superbad starts off harmlessly as just another day in Seth and Evan’s lives, as they wander through school, completely clueless about the opposite sex and pushed around by the bigger guys. All that changes when Seth gets invited to a house-party by Jules (Emma Stone), a girl he meets during a Home Economics class and his buddy Fogel (played by scene stealer Christopher Mintz Plasse) buys a fake ID. Seth and Evan armed with the theory that alcohol equals sex, start off an crazy series of events ranging from a liquor store hold up, to entertaining a group of cocaine addicts to an exploding police cruiser; all of it just to get to the party of the year.

Director Greg Mottola does a terrific job shooting a movie that feels epic, even though its only one crazy night in a small town. A lot of the turns that you think you would see coming in alot of other comedies are left behind for directions that you wont see coming and that make for a smart and funny movie. The style of the movie is almost a puzzle with the mullets and retro 80’s clothing and music, yet cellphones and shopping malls are at every turn.

 What makes Superbad great is the young cast, which do a terrific job in getting laughs. Fogel or as I’m sure the rest of the world will come to know him as……Mcluvin plays the nerdy gangsta perfectly, While Seth Rogen and Bill Hader play the insanely dangerous police officers with ease all without derailing the story of friendship and change between Seth and Evan.

Superbad is the best comedy I’ve seen in years, its funnier than the also good “Knocked Up” and got the most audience laughs I’ve heard since the 40 year old virgin. Its hard to make a teen comedy that covers new ground anymore but Superbad does’nt only cover new ground but raises the bar in genre that alot of people thought was dead. See it twice, once for yourself and once for the crowd reaction.

Superbad: A

4 thoughts on “Superbad!”

  1. This movie was easily, hands down the BEST movie of the summer. Based on the real life tale of Seth Rogan, this movie is non stop laughs.

    I walked in expecting more slap stick comedy and walked out cluching my stomach still laughging. Superbad covers real life teen delima, but to a whole different level. Yes, some of the situations would never happen but it was none the lesss hilarious!

    McLovin (Christopher Mintz Plasse) is easily the funniest character ever created. He does his role and boy does he do it good. I could watch a movie with just him in it for hours on end.

    “Chickaa Chickaa yeah…..”

  2. I would agree with the other reviewers that Superbad is one of the funniest movies to come out in the last few years. Although the basic outline of the situations (lots of partying, sex, and drinking) are stereotypical, the dialogue and characters delivering it are so unique that this troop of actors (the same that brought us Knocked Up, another fabulous comedy) should in my opinion be hailed as the next big thing in comedy.

    My only problem with this troop is that they have not yet figured out how to deliver their story in an appropriate amount of time. Superbad was nearly a full 2 hours long, which is much too long for a pure comedy such as this. I could give Knocked Up a pass because of the additional storyline and emotion that it had, but Superbad had no business being more than an hour and a half long. The entire movie is funny, but it just isn’t possible to keep an audience truly captivated with dialogue for 2 hours.

    All in all, though, this movie is fabulous, and it will no doubt be a movie that everyone quotes lines from for years to come.

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