I went in to this movie knowing that it would be my kind of comedy but had no idea that it would become one of my all time favorites.  This was the kind of movie that the entire theater was laughing out loud at almost every scene.

40 Year Old Virgin director, Judd Apatow, shows real comic genius in this totally relatable debacle that comes of a one night stand between Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy) and virgin big screen actor Seth Rogen.  She is beautiful, professional, and motivated in her life as an entertainment journalist at E! News.  He is a pothead that is just teetering on the edge of his big break into the internet porn world with a group of friends to rival any Animal House patrons.

Alison (Heigl) and Ben (Rogen) meet up in a club then end up at her place for their drunken one nighter.  It doesn’t take long to discover that she is pregnant and that she has a big choice to make; actually get to know her baby’s daddy or go it alone.  They try dating, which in itself is hilarious as they are so mismatched, but quickly discover they are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. 

As neither know the first thing about parenting they look to Alison’s sister, who is currently having an identity crisis, and her whipped husband that has taken to lying to his wife about working late just to get some time alone to be a “man”. 

The hijinks related to these poor souls looking for the perfect ob/gyn in the city are side splitting funny.  As is all of the advice given by Ben’s friends whom I’ve dubbed The Misfits.  The performances of Heigl and Rogen are stellar and I hope to see them work together again, as unfit for each other as they seem. 

In the end, all is well, and the baby comes into the world amongst more hilarity and a feeling of hope for the future.  The one and only reason this movie did not rate a total five star for me was because there were more f-bombs in this movie than in Born on the Fourth of July, if that is even possible.  I highly recommend this tale to any and all.

 Run time is 2hr 9 minutes.