Director Gil Kenan brings to the screen a delightful animated tale of three young teens who discover there neighbors house is actually a living, breathing creature. The screenplay was written by Dan Harmon and Ron Schrab.

Left alone for the day with punk rock Babysitter Zee (voiced by Maggie Gyllenhaal), young teen DJ (voiced by Mitchel Musso) is left alone with his increasing suspicions that his neighboors house, owned by cranky Mr. Nebbercracker (voiced by Steve Buscemi), is actually a living monster. After an altercation with Nebbercracker sends the old man to the Hospital, DJ is haunted by the house, and soon joins forces with chubby friend Chowder (voiced by Sam Lerner), and peppy candy selling Jenny (voiced by Spencer Locke) to try and solve the mystery of the house, and take down the evil spirits within it once and for all.

Delightfully charming, and featuring gorgeous animation and character designs, Monster House is a wonderfully fun film. It may not be on par with the recent Disney or Pixar films, or hold the same repeat value, but the film is none the less quite enduring. The storyline is simple, and the characters are well developed and entertaining. I found myself laughing thru much of the film. Especially after peppy Jenny attempts to sell Babyitter Zee some candy. The dialogue back and forth is tremendously entertaining as they try to swindle one another.

After Jenny is then attacked by the house and rescued by DJ and Chowder, the real fun begins as the two boys jealously vie for the young girls affections, and the three youngsters begin planning to take down the house. In a priceless moment the teens attempt to send a vacuum-run dummy filled with cough syrup into the house to put it to sleep long enough for them to sneak in. Then, like Junior Ghostbusters, the three teens set out into the evil house, armed with super soakers (with flashlights strapped to them military style), and no plan, trying to figure out whats going on. Once they do get inside, they discover the secrets of the house are quite different than they could ever have expected.

A fun, enjoyable and adorable family film for all ages to enjoy. The PG rating for an animated film often gives some parents pause, and in this case is well warranted, but in no way should scare parents off, as the film is very innocent fun. What warrants the PG rating is some of the humor, which is a little more geared for older kids and adults. An example being DJ and Chowder using Mountain Dew bottles to go to the bathroom in, which while funny in context within the movie, is definetly not humor meant for kids under a certain age. Also some of the horror moments, and the overall explanation of whats going with the house may be a little much and over most smaller childrens heads.

The final action sequence is very thrilling and exciting, and the film overall is a nice surprise. Highly recommended.