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The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Robert Ludlum’s death in 2001, misfortune that it was, opened the door for extensions vastly beyond the original intents of his novels, prolific writer even though was he. The difference between his novels and the movies in the Bourne Series that were made from them are profoundly significant, even alarming.

In this review, the reviewer will press passed the limits indulged by other reviewers in order to address important issues they ignore. Issues that lead to a very strong support for Hollywood’s call to entirely originate its own script for a fourth sequel at the expense of abandoning the disappointing contributions of the estate appointed Eric Van Lustbader and his almost betrayal of the Bourne legacy (ironically the first novel in his series of the same name.)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, demonstrated to this reviewer that those codes and secret texts attributed for so long to the Kabbala and the Bible, were vastly more evident in this movie. No penetrating reviewer, no analyst came forth, even though this was to become a cult classic. In effect it still is “a nut yet to be cracked.” But that’s not the objective of this review…suffice it merely to say, without knowledge of reverse speech and the FBI’s hidden obsession with it (funding its pioneer, David Oates until he became “inconvenient”) the movie cannot offer one single concrete unifying meaning. The point of comparison is this, like this movie, The Bourne Series, suggests movie makers today are running covert agendas, some good, some bad.

If you pay attention from the very start of Jason Bourne’s flight in Russia up to the point of his attempted assassination and the killing of the journalist he’s trying to remove from danger, you will notice the apparatus in place to detect blanketly concerns deemed threatening to rogue NSA/CIA operations using a protocol termed ECHELON. How long does the counterthreat operation take to install and facilitate? Are you paying attention to such things? This movie, not Ludlum’s book, reveals what you’ll never see in newsprint because this is absolutely done as it would be in real circumstances of the same nature and thousands of people implementing ECHELON today can tell you it was ongoing long before the movie…significantly longer.

Now what else is here that suggests “insider” or privileged context? Operating, perhaps, as a tap on a sleeping society’s awareness shoulder. You should know, it’s played out in a kind of reverie throughout the movie. And it’s part of what makes the character of Jason Bourne an heroic ideal. Hollywood is not only taking up where an intimidated media has long ago left off, but it is doing a spectacular job of doing it. You won’t see the hack Lustbader come close to even supplying them a template for the muchly needed sequel.

In reducing Bourne down, what kind of torture is used? That’s right, water-boarding, the torture of choice among the minions of our own government/military operations people today. Why? Do some alarming suggestions come to mind? Nudge, nudge, nudge, wink,wink, wink.

But let’s not stop there, what strings have yet to be tied, left dangling by this supposed last movie in the series? Nikki Parsons has fallen in love with our hero and he’s yet to return the favor. We still don’t know how he’s acquired the incredible abilities, speaking as a native speaker almost any language confronting him in the all of Euro-Asia, an astounding presence of mind, reflexes he shares with only other “assets” of Treadstone’s making, and on and on and on. Is this simply Hollywood over-dramatization or is it something more? Why be so meticulous in every detail of ECHELON, for instance, and be so unreal (if it is) in making a mythical hero?

These questions I assure you can be resolved to an extent you might never imagine, but only in a sequel…

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  1. I must be the only one that hates these movies like poison. Stupid, shaky camera gives me a head-ache and most important prevents any type of spactial relationship to the surroundings.
    I like my spies with 007 only, please.

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