The Illusionist an artful creation derived from all involved. Edward Norton captivates the screen with an insidious ferocity that triumphs over his display of acting in The Hulk. He seems to harness the barrage of power held within the character, with a muzzle that seemingly emits light such as through a shade. For what the viewer beholds is a real illusionist; I allude not only to Norton’s presentation of the character, but the actor himself.

The Illusionist is a mystery, a romance, a thriller, and an instant classic. The story is about a boy named Eduard Abramovich (later known as Eisenhiem The Illusionist-Edward Norton) who takes interest in being a magician and an illusionist. At a young age people notice that there is something different about him. One of the spectators is the young Duchess Sophie Von Teschen (Jessica Biel) who falls in love with Eduard, but it is not to be….

After repeated visits the two are found out and separated because of the class distinction. Eduard being a carpenters son and Sophie being a Duchess. After the forced separation Eduard travels abroad to see the world. Discovering illusions and learning his art. Later in the movie he says that he discovered many mysteries, but the only one he could not decipher was why he couldn’t stop loving her.

After 15 years Eduard emerges from taciturn withdrawal and his studies and becomes Eisenheim the Illusionist. No one has seen illusions such as these. Prepare for the biggest con in history. Can someone be conned out of life?…

Prepare for awesome performances by Paul Giamatti, Rufus Sewell, Edward Norton, and Jessica Biel in this original and visually stimulating artistic film achievement!

I must say that Rufus Sewell did an extraordinary job as Crown Price Leopold. He possesses such a snobbish aristocratic aura that seems to float over his head in every movie I have seen him in: including Zorro, and A Knight’s Tale. This role is no different, other than that this role is more developed and carries more weight. Enjoy the breathtaking footage, and awesome plot in, The Illusionist.

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