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10 misc. really short reviews

10 Movies I recently watched, and didn’t feel compelled to write full reviews for, either because I didn’t finish the movie and couldn’t write a full and fair review or because the movie was older and didn’t necessarily need a review, especially in a few cases where I watched them as “catch up” for the pending sequels this summer.

None of these are full reviews, and in the case of the 4 movies listed that I didn’t even finish, it was because they didn’t hold my attention after an extended period of time. I must clarify, that as a film lover, a writer and graphic artist, I usually give films at least 30 minutes to grab me (I call it “the 30 minute rule“), and I try to finish every movie I take the time to start watching, but in some cases the film just is either too boring or just that bad and I don’t feel compelled to finish them. As they’re based on incomplete viewings, the grade suggested is obviously not 100% educated on the entire film.

1. “Batman Begins” (2005)

The highly praised and highly successful relaunch of the once dead Batman film franchise by Director Christopher Nolan, and featuring an all-star cast, including; Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Katie Holmes. By far the most faithful screen adaptation of the often dark and dreary comic books, and setting the stage for what should be an even better sequel. Grade: A+

2. “Hellboy” (2004)

The first film in the often fun Hellboy franchise doesn’t quite have the visual style or weight of the just released sequel, and much of that blame goes to the studio for not giving visonary Director Guillermo Del Toro more creative control and forcing the insertion of the most blatant studio character in all of comic book movie-dom, the Agent Myers character. That aside, the film is still highly enjoyable, even if it does get bogged down with several heavy subplots from time to time. Grade: B-

3. “Ressurecting the Champ” (2007)

A film about an ambitious sports beat writer (Josh Hartnett) who finds a washed up boxer (Samuel L. Jackson) living on the streets and allows himself to believe a fantastic lie, publishes it and must face the consequences of those actions. Love Josh Hartnett. Love Sam Jackson. Didn’t like this movie too much. Very predictable writing and not alot of “oomph” to the drama. Grade: C-

4. “The Muppet Movie” (1979)

I picked up the 50th anniversary DVD for cheap recently out of a sense of nostalgia and watched this for the first time since I was kid and loved every second of it. Great characters, great fun and great songs. Grade: B+

5. “Reservation Road: (2007)

After accidently hitting and killing Joquain Phoenix’s young son in his SUV, Benjamin Bratt wrestles with the guilt and torment over what he’s done and the paranoia that he may be caught. Great performance by Jennifer Connely as the grief-striken mother, but aside from that the film was boring, slow and predicatable. Grade: D

6. “Cassandra’s Dream” (2007)

Dreadfully slow, dreadfully bad and dreadful altogether. Easily one of Woody Allen’s worst movies (and he has made a few stinkers in his time), focusing on two brothers (Ewan McGregor and Collin Farell) who agree to kill a key witness for there uncle (Tom Wilkinson) in exchange for much needed cash, and then are torn apart with guilt over what they’ve done. Great ensemble cast. Horrible film. Grade: D-

(the remaining four films were movies that I disliked so much I couldn’t even finish the film…)

7. “The Ruins” (2008)

So…a group of sexy young hollywood actors play a group of really stupid, naive teens who go on vacation in cancoon and then decide to explore the ruins of forbidden myian pyramids and then they are suddenly in over there head and start a series of cliche horror scenes in which they panic, cry and scream at the camera a lot, even though nothing scary is really happening…yeah, I think I’ve seen this type of movie before. A few times, maybe. (Made it about 1 hour and 5 minutes into the film) Grade: Is there a grade lower than “F”?

8. “Charlie Bartlett” (2007)

Self-assured young teen, Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) is forced to attend public high school after being kicked out of private school. He begins to council kids on there problems and even help supply them with medications. Got bored with this one quickly, even though I love Robert Downey, Jr. (made it about 33 minutes into the film). Grade: F

9. “The Tracey Fragments” (2007)

Juno‘s Ellen Paige stars in the title role of Tracey, a warped and self involved teen who lives in a entricate fantasy world within her own mind. She is on the run and looking for her younger brother, whom she supposedly hypnotized into believing he is a dog and who has run away from home. The film is painfully edited into a series of multi-view, multi-screen, disjointed fragments that get old after the first few scenes of the film, yet keep on going as the film progresses. Love Ellen Paige, but couldn’t watch this movie after awhile, nothing redeeming about it all and had no desire to finish it (made it about 45 minutes into the film). Grade: F

10. “The Omega Man” (1971)

After seeing and loving every second of 2007’s I am Legend, I was persuaded to check out a previous film version, starring Charlton Heston in the Will Smith role. Same basic plot exists, only the older film goes in some wierd directions and Heston is hunting the sick people down on purpose in this one. Didn’t hold my attention very long, which I take the blame for, and I couldn’t get into the cheesy make-up effects and really bad ’70s score. I can recognize what they were trying to do, at the time, and Heston is still Heston, but it wasn’t for me (made it about 45 minutes into the film). Grade: D-

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