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Looking for a romantic comedy that appeals to a broad audience; a film that never goes overboard with stereotypes and profanity? Outsourced just might be the perfect movie for you. The DVD is set to be released on September 2, 2008.

Todd Anderson (John Hamilton) is living a fine life until he receives the bad news that his job has been outsourced, meaning that the company is to send out work to an outside provider in order to cut costs. Even worse is the fact that Todd must travel to India to train his replacement. There he learns about the history of India, the cultural dos and don’ts, and finds true love along the way.

Outsourced is an exotic charmer filled with endearing characters and genuinely funny moments, a film that doesn’t rush into the romance and is never mawkish or overly sentimental. It perfectly mixes charm and humor with some truly fascinating insights on Indian culture mixed in. I was surprised that this film had so much to say about India. Although the majority of these things seem, well, unsanitary, the film also has some interesting lessons pertaining to Indian goddesses and bindis.

It stamped a smile on my face from beginning to end by using relatable incidents similar to those one might encounter while spending time in a country with a non-western culture. There are certain rules you must follow. Eating the right foods is a must (as this film so humorously demonstrates) and is quite possibly the most important rule upon further examination of the film.

The acting was also a pleasant surprise. The cast, both American and Indian, fit the roles perfectly and show some acting skills along with sharp comedic timing. John Hamilton’s Todd Anderson reacts exactly as one would when encountering a cow in his office and Ayesha Dharker’s Asha has moments that are touching. The mishaps that Todd encounters and finds solutions to are quite funny and the relationship between Todd and Asha is remarkably honest. The two have great chemistry.

Outsourced is a clever, sweet, and surprisingly hilarious movie that uses lighthearted humor and charm to win over just about anyone in need of a carefree movie experience. The combination of likable characters, modest humor, and a cute love story make for a purely enjoyable romantic comedy. With more comedy than romance, the film easily overcomes being predicable and cliched. Director John Jeffcoat has a fondness for his characters and simply guides them in the right direction every step of the way. Not only is it a hugely enjoyable film, but also a beautifully rendered love story.

The DVD’s special features include “Behind the Scenes”, a music video, an audio commentary track, an interview with director John Jeffcoat, a theatrical trailer, and a storyboard feature. 4.5/5 stars

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  1. Iv seen this movie some time back i liked it. I thought not many have watched it.
    I agree it is a Good Movie.

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