Get Smart

Get Smart stars Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, and Dwayne “the rock” Johnson.  It is rated PG-13 for some language, sexual scenes, and mild violence.  It is an hour and forty minutes long. 

Based on a popular television show from the 1960’s from the creative genius of Mel Brooks, a somewhat updates version, this is full of action, laughs and some sexy scenes.  Steve Carell plays Maxwell Smart, otherwise known as agent 86.  Starting off as an analyst, Max has failed the Agent test so many times he is on his last leg, and if he fails again he will remain an analyst forever.  Due to KAOS agents, the enemy, he finds himself an agent, an agent with no field experience up against bloodthirsty goons.  Anne Hathaway plays agent 99, a hot little number who does all the work and yet somehow remains girlie and feminine.  “The Rock” plays agent 23, the agent all other agents dream about and dream to be.  This movie follows the agents as they try to stop KAOS, and find the leak in their own group.  Who wants them dead?  Who is behind the plan to rule the world?  Who is agent 99 really?

Fun and funny this movie was really enjoyable.  I laughed out loud several times during this film.  I already knew Steve Carell was funny, but I learned that the rest of the cast could be pretty funny as well.  There is one scene on a dance floor that I loved, and thought not only was it funny, but it gave bigger girls and boys the upper hand.  Knowing that this was a comedic action movie, I was surprised at some of the action scenes.  They were pretty well played out and didn’t make me cringe as they tried adding comedy and action together. 

My biggest problem with this movie was the character of Agent 99.  Anne Hathaway played her really well, but the back and forth between super agent and girlie girl bothered me.  I was happy to see a strong agent and a girl who wanted love, but the ups and downs of this were too much for me.  It was too much of one or the other and not enough blending which could have been done without harming the integrity of the character.

You don’t have to have seen the old television show to have fun and enjoy this movie, I am sure it might help understand the characters a little better, but honestly I have never watched and episode and I enjoyed the movie.  If you want a fun comedy I suggest seeing this movie.  It was fun, and funny, and even had a little sex appeal for those out there who need that.

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