Speed Racer

Starring John Goodman, Christina Ricci, and Emile Hirsch.  It is rated PG, and I don’t think I need to say why, intense scenes mostly.  It is two hours and fifteen minutes long.

Based on a popular 1960’s cartoon entitled, duh, Speed Racer, this is a real life intense racing movie.  Emile stars as Speed Racer, yes folks that is his name.  He has been raised around racing, can’t get enough, dreams about it when he is in school, and finally becomes what he always knew he would become, a racer.  Following in his brothers tainted footsteps, Speed has big shoes to fill, and parents who love and want what is best for him.  Racing is his life, and he wants to be the best.  A giant company decides they want to buy him, bring him into their fold, and crush his spirit, but Speed has too much integrity to fall for that.  With the help of his family, Mr. X, Trixie, and a cast of characters he passes through trial after trial until finally the end is reached.  Yet, does the evil doing company fall, or do they survive to coma again in a sequel?

This was probably one of the brightest and most colorful movie that I have ever seen.  Stimulating to my brain and stimulating for my eyes, this was a cornucopia of fun, and fast cars.  Most of the scenes were some sort of computer animation, or cartooning, but it didn’t matter.  It was a fabulously brilliant movie to view.  The scenes were so colorful that at times I wasn’t even paying attention to the action that was taking place on the screen.  The characters were all well played, especially since they were all based on a cartoon, and while at times they seemed a little cartoonish it never went over the edge to too much cartoonish behavior. 

I didn’t like that there didn’t seem to be enough background on the brother and I found myself a little confused at times by what exactly happened.  I wasn’t sure what had really happened with the brother to cause him to do the things that he did.  It didn’t all make sense to me.  Plus there could have been just a little more depth to some of the characters like Speed’s mom and some of the background characters that held important parts in the film.

You don’t have to have seen the cartoon to be visually stimulated by this movie.  Even if you go see it just for that it is well worth it.  This movie does remind me a little bit of Tron, not so much that I want to make a comparison, but enough that I said something about it after watching the movie.  I pretty much will recommend this movie to everyone who wants to see something with a lot of colors and some really great visual effects.

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  1. Very fun movie, and very nicely written review. It is a very visually stimulating movie, great cast and great effects scenes. The cartoon world feel, with all the colors, as you point out, is by far the best part of the movie and just engrosses you more in this fantastic world.

    nicely done.

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