Blades of Glory

Starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, this movie is rated PG-13 for some violence, sexual references and language.  Run time is one hour and thirty-three minutes long.

Two skaters compete in the men’s singles category.  They tie at the Olympics and fight.  They are ejected and banned for life from skating, losing their dignity and their gold medals.  Soon a homicidal fan sees a loophole, and they take on the task of skating again, as a pair.  Laughter ensues, as does crass crotch jokes and murderous intent from the opposition.  And that pretty much sums up this movie.

While I was watching this movie I was bummed that it wasn’t a lot funnier than it was.  The plot was so simple and the acting so over the top, yet not over the top enough, that I felt I was watching a blueprint of the movie.  This didn’t seem like it was the entire film.  Maybe they shouldn’t have left out all of the funny parts.  I was somewhat surprised to see so many actual olympic skaters doing cameos in this movie.  I would have thought they would have chosen a better skating movie to do cameos in, wait is there a better skating movie?

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on this movie, since some of the scenes did give me a little bit of a chuckle.  Most of them however just made me moan in pain.  Will Ferrell as a figure skater and a sex addict is not as funny as Will Ferrell as a San Diego news reporter.  Jon Heder as a figure skater is not as funny as Jon Heder as a dorky high school student like he played in Napoleon Dynamite. 

Falling short of funny this movie was over quick, which is a bonus for it.  if you want something on in the background that you don’t have to pay much attention to, just noise then maybe you might want to watch this movie.  It might be fun to listen to some of what is going on, and some of the music is pretty good.  I liked it. 

My suggestion, skip this one.  If you want a skating movie watch the Mighty Ducks, yeah it’s a kids movie, and no it isn’t about figure skating, but it has a lot of heart and a few scenes that were funnier than this movie hands down.

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