Thomas Cavanagh stars in this movie along with a lot of other people who have pretty much played character actors.  The version I watched was unrated and have to warn those about gore, violence and sexual references and scenes.  Run time is one hour fifty-three minutes long.

A man checks into the hospital for a routine colonoscopy the day after his fourtieth birthday.  George (played by Cavanagh) finds out that in this hospital things are far from routine.  A mistake leads to some extraordinary visits and happenings.  Doctors apologize for the accident, and the things that happen because of it.  George finds out things that he never knew, like who his daughter is in love with and that his wife may or may not be cheating on him.  A nurse finds that she has an interest in him, and a black nurse stalks him, promising him things that no one has ever promised before.  This routine colonoscopy becomes a road to self-discovery, and George soon finds out how much pain and pleasure a man can take.  Plus he answers the question, if you die in your dreams, do you die in real life.

This movie takes place pretty much in one room, and one house.  It has several confusing flashbacks, some of which are strange and beautiful at the same time.  Not all of them make sense.  The scenery at times is all over the place, grotesque on minute and achingly beautiful the next.  The nurse that feels sorry for what happened to George is beautiful and is continually portrayed as an innocent beauty of sorts.  Picture wise this movie is interesting to watch.

On the other hand this movie is so strange I wasn’t sure what the heck it was really about, and after I watched it I was left scratching my head, and wishing I could scratch out my eyeballs.  There seems to be very little plot in this movie and a lot of the scenes either don’t make sense, or don’t move this movie along.  Scenes which don’t move a movie along are pretty much useless and shoudn’t be used or created.  The acting of most of the characters was subpar, although I enjoyed Lola and the black nurse Mondango.  Their charactrers were interesting enough that I contined to watch this movie. 

Honestly I don’t reccomend this movie to anyone, unless of course you want to watch an incredibly off the wall flick.  Although some of the imagry or scenes are very striking, it doesn’t make it worth the time wasted watching the rest of the movie.  Please, save some time in your life, watch a different movie.

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