Author: pintofbitter

I watch films all the time even though I seem to hate pretty much every single one. I'm a scriptwriting graduate who is also trying to break into journalism, and one of my favourite past times is writing film reviews. I've grown out of the pretentious "I love independent and foreign films because I'm so smart" stage, and now have the confidence to just enjoy a film no matter what it's about. If Hollywood churns out an action-comedy starring Mr and Mrs Famous Celebrity but I enjoy it, I'll admit it. Don't get me wrong, I love snobby films too, but I won't just claim it's a masterpiece just because they stuck subtitles on it and the final act is ambiguous. My favourite "genres" are badass revenge flicks (Commando, Rambo, Bloodsport), fun eighties films with a hint of cheese (Willow, The Burbs, Lost Boys), and trashy b-movie horror films with ridiculous monsters chasing bad actors (Troll 2, Leprechaun, Boa vs Python)