Author: ctlindschau

I have been an avid movie watcher for 20 plus years. If I could spend the majority of my time in a theater I would. I really don't have a favorite genre of movie. I give every movie a fair chance. My personal belief is you like a movie or you don't. I have movies I have watched once and I have movies I have seen a dozen plus times. The ones I have seen just the one time, I gave it a chance and didn't care for it, but that is just my opinion. Someone else might like the movie. Watching a movie and liking it might also be determined by your mood when you watch it. I have seen some movies, that because I was in a bad mood or had a bad day I didn't like it or just couldn't get into it, the first time I watched it, but after seeing it a second time in a much happier mood I enjoyed it. The plus side to watching movies more than once is you may catch something you missed the first time or understand a scene a bit more. Like I said before that's just my opinion.