From high school stoner wanna-be in Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, to an ex-college football player gone pro in The Replacements, to loose cannon cop in Street Kings, Keanu Reeves has proven his acting prowess.  Keanu Reeves joins Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, and Chris Evans in this fast paced action movie directed by David Ayer (Harsh Times 2005).  

     It’s kinda of hard to explain this movie without spoiling some key parts but I will try.  Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves), is a detective who basically has the “I don’t give a crap attitude” and goes into his raids ready to die.  After disspealing a kidnapping ring in a less than ethical way he is confronted by ex-partner Washington (Terry Crews) about his unconventional ways. He also begins being questioned by internal affair Captain Biggs (Hugh Laurie) about the whole special forces unit he is affiliated with. After a few brief encounters with IA he is put in the complaints department with L.A.’s finest where he begins to unravel more corruption than he realized.  Everything he has done in his career to this point was brilliantly covered by his Captain, Jack Wander (Forest Whitaker).  While conducting a routine complaint Ludlow stumbles across some information that grabs his attention.  At this point he meets Detective Paul Diskant (Chris Evans). Ludlow and Diskant take the gang world by storm trying to solve the murder of a fellow police officer and get to the bottom of the corruption in the department. Unfortunately as the movie draws to an end, even sooner, it does begin to become predictable.

       The directing of this movie seemed very well done. I Haven’t seen Harsh Times to be able to have a honest comparison, but I have seen a few movies he did have a hand in; Training Day(writer), S.W.A.T.(screenplay), and The Fast and The Furious(screenplay), and I did enjoy all those movies.  If you remember the setting of these movies they were all in L.A.(a little trivia fact).    

       The photography of the film was done rather nicely as well.  The action sequences were shot very well.  This movie seemed to be well balanced, no scene seemed to been drawn out excessively.  The gunfights were not that gruesome or unnecessary.

       This movie is definitely worth a go.  Though Mr. Reeves has played the role of a cop many times he still shinned.  My only complaint is the fact that the movie does become predictable.  Other choices to see Point Break, S.W.A.T., Speed, and the other movies I mentioned above.  But this is just my opinion.