“Rogue” stars Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, and Sam Worthington. It’s written and directed by Greg Mclean, who’s previous work was the well received and much appreciated Wolf Creek.

While on a wildlife tour, a group of tourists become the next victims of the always hungry crocodile. After crashing the tour boat on a small mud island, the group must find a way off this island before the tide reaches critical level and they all become this prehistoric beast’s next meal.

Affirming that this is a better killer croc flick than “Primeval” might not be saying much, but it will inspire fans of that film to give this one a deserved look. It does have some intense scenes (i.e. the rope crossing scene) but the film can’t overcome the batch uninteresting characters, the slow beginning composed of the diluted character development, and a grand finale that doesn’t quite satisfy. It takes so long for something to happen, one might be drained of all patience waiting for an attack.

Being a fan of “Lake Placid”, I will have to say that this wasn’t the greatest killer croc flick I have seen. “Lake Placid” was a fun movie because of it’s great cast and likable characters (very important for horror flicks), proving that a movie doesn’t have to be great or even scary to be a more entertaining experience. However, there are a couple of scenes with very impressive electronic puppetry and lifelike CGI work that I will certainly acknowledge and not once was acting a problem. But these characters are so one dimensional that even good performers couldn’t pry out any form of charisma.

Never once is this film dumbed-down by any witless humor, which helps the film maintain its intensity during scenes of peril. These are the scenes I enjoyed the most, although I was losing patience waiting for them. Only one character had a small amount of personality and it isn’t long before he meets his fate. Hardcore fans of horror movies can’t possibly overlook the flaws, but will appreciate the top-notch special effects laid out for an eyebrow-raising and jaw-dropping experience.

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