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Resident Evil (2002)

Milla Jovovich stars in her first lead role as Alice, a military trained superpower working for the Umbrella Corporation. Well beneath the surface lay a bioengineering plant where several scientist work on highly classified material. A computer controlling the “Hive” senses a threat when a powerful virus known as the t-virus breaks free into the air vent system and mutates everyone into flesh eating zombies. Alice (Jovovich) who is suffering from amnesia and has no idea who she is and why she’s been forced to go down to the “Hive” with a group of military men and women in order to shut the computer off and get back safely, the only thing she knows is that she needs to shut down the computer and get back to surface before the t-virus spreads above the surface. 

This film is highly entertaining and is surprisingly good I didn’t see the film in theaters and wasn’t pressed to see the film when it was released on DVD, but I was told by other that I needed to see this film and I’m glad I did. The movie has great makeup,  a creepy mutated beast,  mutated dogs and several scenes made to make you jump out of your seat. One of the surprising highlights was a death scene when the captain tries to dodge the beams traveling from one side to the other when the beam turns into cubes leaving the captain with no place to go.

Being a fan of zombie films I enjoyed the plot and the flashback that Alice(Jovovich) has revealing who she is and who the people around her are throughout the film. I would recommend this film to those who enjoy zombie movies and the casual movie goer.  This movie is well done and sets the stage for the second and third one. Even if you’ve never played the video game and know nothing about the game I feel that the movie explains  the plot of the game nicely.

2 thoughts on “Resident Evil (2002)”

  1. Although the resident evil is based on a video game . The execution was ok their were some main parts missing in the film like who was whiskers?, and the zombies only needed one shot to die ? what was that all about. Other then that it is an ok film to watch if your a resident evill fan .

  2. I just saw this movie, and i honestly thought it was a waste, it could’ve been done so much better, like first off Milla Jovovich shouldn’t star in this movie, she does a horrible acting job, i mean don’t you think if a bunch of people turn into zombies that you would be a little more scared? It likes barely even makes her face change expressions, the other actors like Michele Rodriguez who really know how to express something other than “i wanna kick everyones can” on second thought she always has that look too. Anyways i didn’t like the movie, the plot is the T-virus gets released into the “hive” and turns them into zombies. Sure hope the games are better.

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