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I should first start off by saying that I’ve only seen one full episode of Sex in the City and that was the very first episode. Other then that I have seen bits and pieces of different episodes here and there. From what I have seen from the show itself I don’t really care for it. But that is to say that I was only twelve when the show first appeared on HBO. And even though that I am older now and fully well understand the plots and characters I still have no interest like when I was twelve.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and the rest of her gang have all returned for a full screen adaptation of the highly successful HBO series. Starting off right where the series left (I’m guessing?) Carrie and Mr. Big decide to take the plunge by moving in together, and maybe even getting hitched? All the other girls seem to have their own problems going on as well but they more so swirl around Carrie and all the drama that seems to follow with her and Mr. Big. (This is all I’m going to give cause I don’t really know how much people want to know of the plot.)

I have no doubt in my mind that Sex in the City fans are probably loving this movie and have been waiting a long time for it to come out. On the other hand people who aren’t fans and have never watched the show (like me) most likely will not really care at all. It wasn’t really hard to understand the storyline, it wasn’t like you had to see every single tv episode to fully get everything. But I’m sure there are a few tidbits hidden in there just for the fans to truly understand. And in the end it seemed like each character’s story is tied up that fans will be pleased.

But the thing about the storyline for me was as if it was an alternative ending for the very last season that they decided to ditch. In my mind it was just one giant 2hour long series ender. They could have just had this as a special on HBO instead of putting it as a theatrical release. But then again money making was probably the real reason for it every getting made in the first place. And the humor that they put into the movie really just fell flat on its face with me. It wasn’t like it was really funny quick witted humor, more so like potty humor which was really surprising for this type of movie. Did they even have potty jokes on the show?

I really don’t see the appeal of any of these women or the reality of the show itself. Why would anybody want to watch a show about four self centered women who fuss about not finding Mr. Right and spending hundreds of dollars on over priced clothing? Did I also mention a hint of sexist as well. I’m sure that all of those things that I list were probably reasons that got people to watch the show in the first place. I can’t stand people like that in real life (and I know you are out there) let alone a  tv show or movie. The reason they can’t find “the one” is that no real good guy out there in their right mind would ever want to date one of these women. That is unless they are just as much into themselves or they just want you for your money.

In the end I didn’t really care one way about this movie, and I’m sure the writers and makers of the film don’t care either. This movie was made for the fans of the show or to get people interested in the show and to check out the dvds. And thats all that really matters. Its one last final love letter to all those who had watch and prayed for a Sex in the City movie to make its way to the theater. From what I have heard from the fans opinion it doesn’t disappoint and it great. So all I can say is that if you are a real fan of the series you wouldn’t want to miss this at all. If you’ve never see the series then I would just forget about it cause this movie wasn’t made for you. It you happen to get curious about it later down the line watch one or two original episodes then check it out once it comes on dvd.

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  1. I completely disagree. Sex And The City is a very popular and successful series and the film has now been added to that franchise. It is very original and typical because these events are related to New York which is where people go for one thing and one thing only….. “to find love”. You cannot crticize a movie when it has been based on the series that you have seen 1 full episode of!

  2. The fact that you didn’t see the show is a main reason why you didn’t enjoy this film. I’m a 25 year old guy (completely straight) and I found both the show and the movie to be very well done. SATC did something that a lot of shows can’t do (due to the network it’s on): They explore topics of relationships, sex, and the minds of these single women that most networks could never explore.

    The only thing that watching the show gives you is an understanding of the character, the background on Big and Carrie, and a conclusion to that relationship. They could have cut a good 30 minutes from this movie but cutting out the whole limo scene where Big stands her up.

    I understand that you’re not a big fan of the characters, but don’t like at them as sexist women who are bitching about not finding the one; think of it them as four women who aren’t afraid to speak about their relationships and sex lives. I wish more women in real life had the assertiveness of these women.

  3. I would also have to disagree respectfully. I only saw three full episodes and was quite interested in seeing more. When I saw they were making a movie out of the show, I wanted to rent it. The movie was good in my opinion. It gave all the fans what they wanted and made new comers want to check it out. I thought Kim Cattrall(Samantha Jones) was very funny. She made my husband and I laugh through the whole film. It’s a movie that you have to have a taste for. Not everyone will like it. Just don’t watch it with your kids hehe. They’re very strong sex scenes.

  4. I also disagree. My wife asked me to watch this movie with her one weekend, at first I was totally against it because I thought it would be a total “chick flick”. I was wrong!! I’ve seen several episodes of the HBO series and thought that the series was decent. I wondered how they could make this into a movie and I will say they did a great job.

  5. This movie can be neatly summed up; fans will probably find it amazing, non-fans will find it pointless. It is indeed like a final episode to the series, and that’s it. The same acting skills are present (for better or worse) and it pretty much follows the tracks of the TV plot.

  6. have to disagree also , because if have never saw why John Preston was named Mr. Big and how Carrie Bradshaw’s one sentence , simple but complicated , that – “I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love” changed her life and then yes you would never be able to understand that why in first place this movie was made . this movie is about 3 things – LABELS , LOVE , SEX.

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