Stay (2005)

Stay is a psychological drama/thriller packaged with style and delivered by director Marc Forster and written by David Benioff. Psychologist Sam Foster (Ewan McGregor) is given a new patient Henry Letham (Ryan Gosling), a talented young art student who informs Sam that he plans to commit suicide in three days. Desperate to help his new patient Sam must also confront the issues of his surviving post-suicidal girlfriend Lila (Naomi Watts). The more Sam learns about Henry the more he feels himself losing grip on reality and cannot seem to make sense of anything, and sadly so will the audience. Rounding out the cast is Bob Hoskins, Jeneane Garofalo, and Elizabeth Rizer.

Stay would have fallen flat if it did not have this talented cast of actors to pretty much carry this film on their backs. Ewan McGregor gives a very strong yet subtle performance as the caring Sam Foster who you feel truly cares to help solve the problems with his patient as well the problems that reside at home with his girlfriend.  Ryan Gosling gives a depth to the tortured character of Henry Letham which helps to make the character more than just another depressed young adult. Naomi Watts delivers another great performance as the Lila, she can obviously relate to the pain and depression Henry feels but at the same time can show him there is beauty in the world.

 The film showed great potential but it soon become a convoluted and unnecessarily confusing tale of suicide, grief, and regret. There were many things that felt thrown into the story in hopes of adding some depth but resulting in leaving the audience completely befuddled. There is no doubt that Marc Forster directed a beautifully depressing movie focusing on the pain of life,  but after sitting through it for an hour and a half you are left with more questions than answers.

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