What an engaging variance from the commonplace sci-fi thriller.  Bruce Willis, unlike his counterparts (Stallone and Armstrong) continues to put out compelling action thrillers with substance. Along with Willis there are other well-known actors like James Cromwell (W.), and the beautiful Rosamund Pike.


The plot is rather straightforward. Surrogates (servile humanoid robots controlled by the operators mind) have been created by a Dr.Lionel Canter (James Cromwell) and have been perfected to such a point that within 14 years crime is down 99% and people veritably cease to leave there places of dwelling; instead sending there perfected and beautiful counterparts out in their stead.

One night Dr. Lionel’s son, Jarod, takes a brief mental sojourn to go enjoy himself on the town (if I understand correctly, borrowing one of his fathers surrogates that is identical to himself). Alighting inside a club he advances to the second level and dives from a plank onto the dance floor immediately getting a good vibe with a beautiful blonde JJ (Helena Mattsson), or is she…


Getting intimate the two exit the building into the alley passionately kissing each other. Unbeknownst to Jarod, his father’s car has been followed and a miscellaneous biker has been tailing him. In the Alley the stranger alights flashing an object (that looked to me like a produce scanner at your local Kroger) that fries the surrogates and liquefies the brains of the operators. On the scene are detective Greer (Bruce Willis) and his partner, Detective Jennifer Peters (Radha Mitchell). This crime is the first manslaughter in approx. 14 years and the way it has been done, very disturbing and perplexing.


In small reserves around the country non-surrogate zones exist where the people believe that surrogates are an abomination not to be trusted. At the head of this movement is “The Prophet”(Ving Rhames) who is in staunch opposition to surrogates, his parishioners shooting on site, any surrogate that dares to enter the reserves.


Something is terribly wrong. Ever since the start of surrogate use never has a crime such as this been committed. It sort of defeats the purpose of having a surrogate; the purpose being a safer life embodied in a seemingly terminator- like humanoid operated by a human enclosed in the comforts of there home dwelling. If a weapon was devised that violated this purpose what was the point, what hope would humanity have, who is the assassin?…


I really loved this film, it was unlike most of the sci-fi films I have seen and it really topped Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I loved the feel I vibe I got from it. It had a streamline feel and a sort of cold insipid quality that I enjoyed. I’m going to have to check out the graphic novel that this was based on; written by Robert Venditti.


It was like everybody had there personal terminator connected to their mind and had become totally dependent on these humanoid servile mechanisms to go out in society for them; hiding there true form…

Don’t miss this awesome sci-fi thriller!



2 thoughts on “Surrogates”

  1. Good review but I’d have to disagree with you. I really hated this movie. I don’t know if I just couldn’t get into it or something but I thought it was pretty bad. I almost got up left, Bruce Willis really disappointed me.

  2. The movie was not one of the better movies I’ve seen. Bruce Willis did an average job in this sci-fi thriller. The whole time I was watching the movie all I could thik about was I-Robot, which makes me believe that maybe this was a kind of sequal to I-Robot? Overall this movie to me was a 3/5, but worth watching on a friday night.

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