We all have a story to tell, we all have an epic story in our lives that we believe is unique or so we think. Respect to those of us who do have such stories and those of us who have come on top of it all conquering them. However when a writer begins to believe they have an epic script in the making, they ought to be sure that is most certainly is noteworthy. Since this will have a ripple effect on ones reputation in the public eye. 

Massy Tadjedin writer and director of LAST NIGHT resonates with sublime belief of confidence in tackling a very realistic social ball of thread; Marital infidelities. Quite common in society and disgustingly a trend at times, disloyalty within a sacred matrimony is trait that is encouraged within some social groups and considered modern. I need not elaborate on this trail of thought since it is vastly discussed and quite openly accepted with social dating sites created for that “special lonely someone”. 

I would like to think that one morning Massy Tadjedin woke up, made a cup of coffee and stood over a bedroom balcony and looked out into the city, closed her eyes and took in a deep breath and opened her eyes with the concept of LAST NIGHT. Not the most original of concepts however a slightly different approach to the plot is adapted by making the lead couple falter between their decisions of “to do or not to do?” 

“The One That Got Away”: this ought to be the tag line for LAST NIGHT. A very good directorial debut, LAST NIGHT is a story of the wedded couple Micheal Reed (Sam Worthington) and Joanna Reed (Keira Knightley). Joanna suspects her husband Michael with his colleague Laura (Eva Mendez) who by no doubt has a certain alluring aura of seduction that hangs above her head. Joanna who sees her husband and Laura for the first time at an office function together stirs up a valid argument of her doubts of her husband being attracted to Laura. Clearly men are not built to withstand a woman’s crafty approach. Micheal who unconsciously admits to an attraction towards Laura does not help in anyway of consoling his wife and her doubts. To top all of this Micheal leaves on a business trip the very next day with Laura leaving his wife back at home. Joanna who sets off to grab a cup of coffee the next quite coincidentally runs into “the one that got away” aka Alex (Guillaume Canet). Everything else is history! 

The beauty of the movie is her directorial and plot. It does not discuss the circumstances of the after. Instead it thrives on the confusion, temptation and the guilt of the moments. This gently directs the movie away of being an imitation; a parody. 

Although it’s not Keira Knightley best performance it is one of the better ones. I loved her in POTC however her innocent looks did not appeal to me. Purely a subjective comment!  Sam Worthington and Eva Mendez on the other hand were quite convincing. They both build up a certain chemistry that involves passion and fear of circumstance that intensifies the performance. I am guessing this is exactly what one feels before they succumb to the moment. Guillame Canet was good but nothing commend worthy. 

This is how I see it, nothing more and nothing less. 

Title: Last Night

Directed by: Massy Tadjedin

Starring: Sam Worthington, Keira Knightley, Guillame Canet & Eve Mendez

Rated: R for some Language

Rating: 06/10

90 Minutes