Saw IV

Saw IV is rated R for violence and language (pretty much for violence, blood, gore, etc.).  It is an hour and fourty-eight minutes long, and stars Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor and Scott Patterson. 

Saw IV takes up pretty much where the last one left off.  In a dark place where murder happens.  This sequel is focused around a police officer who is too impatient to search and jumps the gun.  He gets to decide who lives and who dies, and who gets help.  He is a rash man, but possibly a good man.  If you have seen the other Saw movies you pretty much know what this one is about, except in this one there really isn’t a jigsaw, because the bad guy is dead and his protege died in Saw III.  Sorry if that is a spoiler.  The question this movie raises is who will take over, and will there be a Saw V?  I sure hope not.

Comparing all of the Saw movies the first two were fun, the first the best because you really had no idea what was going on and it was a surprise.  The second one was a surprise and fun because you didn’t know where it would really go after the first one.  The third one was somewhat fun and interesting, but this one, this one was pretty bad.  I thought that this movie was not well played and the characters really had no point, and there was no reason for me to care about any of them.  I found myself wanting them all to die because all of them bored me.  Even the murders weren’t as inventive as I would have hoped for from a Saw movie. 

The most interesting thing about this movie was that all of the people who were trapped went after the other person or people that were trapped with them.  Which is something we didn’t see in the first movies, everyone kind of banded together and worked together to try saving themselves and everyone int he first ones.  However this movie was all over the place with too many characters and it didn’t really focus on just one character enough for me to care about the characters, I wasn’t even sure what was the relationship between some of them or where they came from.  I understood why one was involved because we had seen him before, but all of the others, I was just not sure.

I say skip this movie.  It is too all over the place and really will have you dissappointed that they even made a Saw IV.  Just pretend that Saw III was the last one and maybe you can keep yourself happy with the series of movies.  If you do decide to ignore this review and do watch this don’t say I didn’t warn you, and I feel very sorry for you.

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