Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” stars Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, and Jon Voight. It’s directed by Simon West (Con Air, The General’s Daughter). The story, written by Sara B. Cooper and Mark Werbis, was adapted from the popular video game.

The film introduces us to Lara Croft, a tomb raider who enjoys finding ancient artifacts and calming them as her own. Her mission is a dangerous one. She must infiltrate a secret cult society to retrieve two pieces to a old device used to stop time. This device, if put into the wrong hands, could destroy the world.

Think of it as an absent-minded Indiana Jones with a woman’s touch with the hot and sexy Angelina Jolie giving the film an attractive look. Our heroine looks skilled holding a gun as she slides, flips, and dives kicking butt around every corner. It seldomly uses its brain, but it definitely knows how to deliver well choreographed and stylishly over-the-top action sequences. Something I have a soft spot for and (when pushed correctly) gives me a adrenaline rush. Nearly every fight scene is executed and shot with grace and the film turns out to be beautiful to look at.

The plot line may be paper thin and very confusing, but it has a sensational amount of purely satisfying action scenes. A foolish and empty-headed popcorn flick with dialog that is much too simplistic for its very contrived story, yet it’s so good-looking. Although it overlaps the time limited for such silliness, it was still enjoyable for the most part and helped the film move along at a brisk pace. This deeply probed and highly flawed actioner, if taken too seriously, will become a nuisance rather than entertainment. I landed in the entertained zone.

It fails in creating interesting dialog, an incisive script, and even a plausible plot. On the other hand, its well choreographed fight scenes, good special effects, and sexy female lead (who looks stylish gripping a gun) have to be worth something. In fact, it was enough to win me over and earn my recommendation, leaving me looking forward to the sequel. Not to mention the film ended on a high note. Angelina Jolie was a perfect casting choice leading her to other over-the-top actioners like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and this years summer blockbuster “Wanted” that arrives in theaters late June. The Lara Croft series boosted her action career and I can certainly see why.

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