Super High Me

“Super High Me” stars stoner/comedian Doug Benson and has cameo appearances from multiple comedians and noted pot smokers including comedian Sarah Silverman and stoner king Marc Emery. It features Michael Blieden’s directorial debut to the big screen.

After witnessing the documentary “Super Size Me”, habitual pot smoker Doug Benson decided to make a documentary on the effects of non-stop usage of the herbal mood enhancer known as Marijuana for 30 days. The big catch being that he has to quit smoking reefer for 30 days before conducting the experiment. This experiment includes memory tests, SAT tests, sperm tests, and psychic tests. The result is the stoner related documentary “Super High Me” released on 4-20-08.

Doug Benson, the guy who was recently named #2 pot comedian by High Times Magazine, is admittedly a funny man. Most of the documentary is composed of stand up comedy by Benson along with many other well known comedians, with the center of all the jokes being the mind-altering substance formally known as cannabis. If your familiar with the buzz and support marijuana, you will appreciate this attempt and some of the aspects that Benson points out in his documentary. One of the most crucial aspects being the DEA raiding medical marijuana labs. Just evidence that not all of this is funny business.

There are some problems with this film. It pretty much fails on the documentary level, lacking in a sufficient amount of statistics to inform the audience of the importance of the oldest known cash crop. A good deal of the film (about 75%) is short stand up acts, most of which are performed by Doug Benson. The majority of the jokes are pretty good, while a good quantity of them aren’t as funny as he makes them out to be. There are several interviews with medical marijuana users, along with an interview with Marc Emery (very interesting). Marc Emery, more commonly known as The Prince of Pot, has become a legend in Canada. This man has been arrested a total of 17 times and his home has raided dozens of times, all for marijuana.

Although it doesn’t supply the desired amount of stats for a documentary, it was mildly interesting. There is an unexpected mood swing the film delivers. That smile on your face will be turned upside down by the sight of the tortured souls of medical marijuana users watching the DEA take away their medicine. There is a point to this documentary, just a very muddled one thanks to the overuse of stand up comedy, the sight of Doug Benson getting “Super High”, and lack of statistics. I liked it, but it just feels like a comedy special to me.

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  1. Good review…to the point yet makes sure it doesn’t skip the positives though you don’t rate this too high

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