I recentley had the oppurtunity of watching the summer 2011 action blockbuster Fast Five directed by Justin Lin. Before watching the film I was hoping it would be what the trailer advertised- a fun brainless action movie.Despite the intriguing action focused trailer and the exiting inclusion of Dwayne Johnson ( also known as the rock for fellow wrestling fans reading), I couldn’t help but feel it would be another dissapointment much like previous entries directed by Justin Lin.

Starring Vin Diesal, Paul Walker,Jordana Brewster,  Dwayne Johnson as well as other franchise regulars , looking at the cast I could see my review wouldn’t be focusing on the acting.

The film is set in the beautiful South American city of Rio De Janeiro and follows Convicts Dominic and Mia Torreto ( Played by Vin Diesal and Jordana Brewster) and former friend Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) flee to brazil to pull of slick bank robbery while being chased down by mercinary Luke Hobbs ( Dwayne Johnson).

Immediately after watching this film I was suprised how much I liked it and even more suprised that it was Universal Studios biggest oppening box office weekend ever beating classics such as Jaws and Jurassic Park. The first thing that works for this movie is the disappearence of the overly used and stale street races, instead of sticking to the roots of the series director Justin Lin turned it into an extremely entertaining heist movie (think heat but on steroids). The second thing is the inclusion of Dwayne Johnson who steals the show and proves he was born to be Hollywoods next generation action hero.

The main reason why I watched this film was for the action and it more than delivered. From the opening chase sequence to Vin Diesal and Dwayne Johnsons epic one on one fight the action in this film is top notch. The best scene in the film comes at the films climax which involves every police car in Brazil and a city trashing bank vault which makes Bad Boys 2 look like childs play.

The acting in the film was as good as I expected it to be. Paul Walker the typical one-dimensional action star he was in previous outings, while Vin Diesal and Dwayne Johnson failed to prove they were more than gun blazing meatheads

Fast Five may not be a cinematic masterpiece but it is the best action film in a long time and is a hell of a lot of fun. So if you like guns,explosions,fast cars and insane action sequences this is the film for you.