Bachelor Party

“Bachelor Party” stars Tom Hanks, Tawny Kitaen, and many others who names become lost in memory, thanks to well known Tom Hanks. It’s directed by Neal Isreal who’s work is formally found on the small screen.

Rick (Tom Hanks) is a school bus driver who is soon getting married to a beautiful brunette named Debbie (Tawny Kitaen). During the usual outing with his friends, Rick informs his buddies about his latest news. Of course, the first thing that springs to the mind these party animals is a bachelor party complete with hookers, drugs, alcohol…and a mule?

The film features a young, healthy, and energetic Tom Hanks as a refreshing character who is immature with no moral intentions or thoughts about the future: Very funny. The rest of the movie relies on the wit of the script that only shines on a few occasions, but those few occasions are genuinely amusing. The movie also has a large quotum of gorgeous women, most of which exhibit some serious flesh. However, I do feel that Tawny Kitaen was a miscast here. The chemistry between her and Tom Hanks felt bland.

“Bachelor Party” is dirty, raunchy, rude and often laugh-out-loud funny. At times the movie is just noisy and leans toward an uncomfortable area, but doesn’t loiter in this area. This a film some people might find insulting, others might describe it as being as raunchy and crude for it’s generation as “Superbad” is for our generation. This romp does overstay it’s welcome and has moments that should have been cut to make it an appropriate 90 minute running time. Those who become bitter and enraged by random acts of sex with mules and the appearance of hookers with whips, this isn’t the comedy for you.

There are moments of hilarious vulgarity, earning this wild party a very cautious recommendation provided that some might find it extremely offensive. Tom Hanks really shines here, pending the fact that he has no competition on screen. It is lacking in a more appropriate supporting actress with some sort of chemistry to dish out. If your looking for a good laugh here and there, “Bachelor Party” has a decent amount of those scattered in it’s 105 minute running time. A few of those laughs being uncontrollable. This is a large compliment to the widely overlooked Tom Hanks comedy that spawned an unnecessary sequel. Worthy of a rental if you aren’t easily offended.

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  1. This movie is great and it’s a shame they went and made a sequal 20+ years later. Their are several points made in this review that I agree with and I found it interesting that you used movies of today as slight comparison.

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