Tommy Boy is a comedy featuring Chris Farely and David Spade about a small town in Ohio and the car parts company owned by Tommy’s father. Tommy’s father has a heart attack and so Tommy has to hit the road in an attempt to save the company. Just before Tommy’s dad dies he gets married to Beverly(played by Bo Derek) a former fitness training who turns out to be a con artist.  Majority of the movie takes place on the road with Richard (Spade) and along the way the Richard’s car gets destroyed the car provides several scenes of comedy throughout the movie. After all the trouble the two go through they finally sell enough brake pads, save the company and figure out that both Beverly and her “son” are con artists they also end up stopping them in their attempt to sell the company.

This movie is memorable for several catch phases that helped make Chris Farely a star. Several times throughout the film he says “holy schnike” and “son of a that’s going to leave a mark” as well as “fat guy in a little coat.” 

Another scene that I notice that I loved living in the midwest is when Tommy’s trying to figure out that he’s going to do with his life now that his dad is gone. There a long shot that shows Tommy walking and what I love about his shot is the midwest in the fall with leaves of several colors, oranges, browns and red, it’s just a shot that stood out to me.

This movie is fun comedy not only does the dialog provide the comedy, but a deer and several songs provide the comedy. One scene in particular is when they’re flipping through the stations and the Carpender’s ” Don’t you Remember” comes on the radio and they’re crying while singing at the top of there lungs. This scene shows that the two characters are developing a friendship and well it’s funny.

I would recommend seeing his movie because it’s definitely good for a laugh and laughter is always the best medicine.