The Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie is a story about a young teenage girl still in love with fairy tales and stuffed animals. The story begins with Sarah acting out a scene in a long white dress looking like a princess when all of a sudden it begins raining. Sarah runs home only to realize that she has to babysit her crying baby brother Toby. Sarah tries to make the baby stop crying, but to no avail, finally she screams to the Goblin King to take the baby away and he does just that. The rest of the movie consists of Sarah travel through a Labyrinth in order to get her brother back before he turns into a goblin.

The Labyrinth is a film based off a wooden toy in which you must move a marble from one end to the other avoiding any holes/ pits while going through the twists and turns of the Labyrinth.

This is one of my favorite movies as a child. I loved Jim Henson(the director of the film) and I loved the puppets he created not only in this film, but in everything he did. The Labyrinth is about a magical journey with unique characters and obstacles with everything from a talking worm to a large monster who calls on rocks for help in sticky situations. I also love David Bowie in this movie I truly believe that no one else could have played the part of the Goblin King. One can also go as far as calling this movie a musical because on three separate occasions both David Bowie and some crazy puppets that pull their body parts of their body all while singing.  Another interesting scene is when Sarah is trying to get the baby back and she has to climb and run down several staircases that go in every possible direction this is a very cool visual effect.   

This movie is perfect for child because the movie explores the imagination and takes the viewer on a fun little journey. I strongly recommend seeing this movie or going back and seeing the movie again. Even all you Dark Crystal fans can appreciate this film.