A now famous filmmaker, Salvatore “Toto” Di Vita, recalls his joyous childhood growing up in the small Sicilian town where he learned to first appreciate and love film. As a child, Toto spends most his free time at the Cinema Paradiso, a local cinema where he has grown fund of hanging around back in the projector room with Alfredo, the cinema’s resident projectionist who also shares the same passion and love for motion pictures.

Guiseppe Tornatore’s renowned film is a cinematic triumph. Critically acclaimed, well received, and a winner of top prize awards for Best Foreign Language Film in various film festivals during the films release.

This is such a good movie. A story of friendship and the love for film.

The film is nicely set. A nice look at the classic times when television was unavailable, and a small town shared their wee hours enjoying themselves at the local cinema, where censorship is also implemented by the local priest who attempts to cut any scenes of slight nudity and lip locking.

The film has a sense of humor to it. The first part of this film is pretty funny. The scenes are brilliantly acted by Salvatore Cascio, who plays the young Toto, and Philippe Noiret who plays the projectionist Alfredo. The sort of father and son relationship between Toto and Alfredo is the central point of which the story is told, and the moments are a mixture of feel good, heartwarming, and sad takes.

Its hard not to appreciate this film. This is one of those titles that will go down as a timeless classic. Overall beautiful and wonderful storytelling.