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Dylan Dog:Dead of Night-Review

            Private investigator, Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh), is in retirement from forming the balance between monster and human until his girlfriend is killed. Dylan and his partner, Marcus (Sam Huntington), are sent a case involving the murder of a young woman’s father. Her name is Elizabeth (Anita Briem) and her father was killed by a werewolf. Dylan turns down the case, refusing to enter back into that world. Until one day, Marcus is attacked and he must come out of retirement to find the person or thing responsible. In a hidden world of vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghouls, it is now up to Dylan to keep the peace. Will Dylan find the murder? Has Marcus become one of the undead? Will the werewolf come after Elizabeth next? 



            So, I enjoyed watching this film. It wasn’t a fantastic movie with originality and awesome action scenes but I liked it. I liked seeing a zombie being made and he or she acts civilized. Usually in movies, zombies are brainless, toneless, and always hungry for flesh; these zombies go back into society and try to live as normal working people. A nice little change to what I normally see. I also liked Dylan’s voice; it sounds so animated like from a video game. One thing I could object to is that I wish I could have seen a little more emotional sadness from Dylan when Marcus died. I not saying a waterfall on his face or punching the wall, just a little more in the eyes to sell it to me that he really upset to have lost his best friend. This film is funny in a way that leaves you grinning, not smiling, but grinning and satisfied enough from it because this is a straight to DVD flick. All in all, I will watch this film again.

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