Frank (Rainn Wilson), is your everyday “Average Joe”. When his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler), a recovering drug addict relapses at the hands of drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), who willingly takes her from him, Frank transforms himself into the CrimsonBolt, a crime fighting vigilante who is out to makes things right.

A dark superhero comedy written and directed by James Gunn. “Super” was a hit with the audience during its premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. The film stars Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, and Ellen Page.

I thought the casting here was great. Rainn Wilson is hilarious and a perfect fit for the unconventional superhero role. Liv Tyler plays his kidnapped ex-addict wife Sarah. Ellen Page is the obnoxious and overexcited sidekick, and Kevin Bacon is the drug dealing villian in the film.

Another civilian takes crime into his own hands in this film. The build up in plot is excellent. Starts off as a silly comedy, where everything is just stupid, and our character is another kook for a hero. I was caught off guard when things suddenly get brutally serious. So fucking good the turn of events. Blood and guts, and decapitated bodies are everywhere in the massacre finale. Just awesome madness!