Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck here on I will refer to him as FHD. The architect of the Depp Jolie twist of “The Tourist”.  Myself being quite the passionate enthusiast of contemporary cinema (Or so I would like to believe and call myself) never have watched his work (There goes my ego of being a know-it-all). Since the movie did have its own sense of charm to me, I felt this critical urge to research on FHD, who I later discovered is a German Director who has a quite a remarkable number of award nominations and even won the Oscar for Best foreign Language film of the year. Fascinating is it not?

Note to self; expand my video library.

FHD writer and director moves out his comfort zone and 4 years later is BAM! Back at what he is good at doing.. Making movies. “The Tourist” set in one of the most iconic cities of the world is a warped tale of a futile legal pursuit of a criminal who so far has always got the better end of the stick whereas Scotland Yard and Italian Interpol have been left to collect his trails of genius. Elise (Angelina Jolie) follows instructions of her “Lover” and leads on a tourist Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) who she literally picked up in a train to meet her own ends.( The ends- of misleading Inspector John (Paul Bettany) of Scotland Yard and the Italian Interpol.) Caught in the spell of romance Frank finds himself running across the roof tops of Venice in order to save his dear life. Not a bad way to spend your vacation in Venice!

As a writer FHD keeps it real. Simple, basic and twisted. He adds in comedy in the like of the tourist Frank, he adds in passion in the likes of the seductive Elise, he adds in action in the likes of Inspector John who is left up a channel in Venice without a paddle! A movie always needs to be fathomed with a pinch of salt. After all we all live in the 21st Century and entertaining the apes of today has driven directors and writes all the way to Pandora and back. In the midst of such great adventures when FHD comes with a more realistic plot it’s always a welcome change. As a reader you may disagree for we all have varied favorites, some like  to look at the One Tree on the Hill, Some of us like to Scream over and over again, some like to watch massacres in Texas and then there are a few of us who like to walk into our closet and meet talking animals! I love them all and I also tend to appreciate the realistic ones as well. I mean sometimes it hurts my head so bad to understand how you can kill a person in a dream within a dream within a dream… Ouch!! That’s enough I would say. What I was trying to emphasize is that this script is 100% down to earth, 100% possible, 100% realistic, although it has had many bashing by many critics as a Depp buster, my angle to it differs.

FHD either it was genius or a spoof, made some good calls on the cast. Not everyone could have played Frank like Depp did. Why I say that is decently based on the subtle humor the character is written around. I can name 5 actors right now who can pull it off equally as impressively as Depp did have it been written without the comedy. Frank needed a bit of Jack Sparrow in him to make the plot flow. Although Depp is a few pounds more than he was at Worlds end, I think he burns it all over again jumping and pouncing across the roof tops. Elise, the never aging Jolie- sexy 360, enchanting eyes, full lips, toned out hips and stunning in her evenings best gowns, what a better accomplice to a criminal. I mean if all villains needed a mysterious, heart wrecking, sexyvicious lady to make the bed in the morning while he shoots his man servant for too much sugar in his coffee. Angelina Jolie is the benchmark. THE BENCHMARK.  Paul Bettany always will be Silas and what’s cooler than to have Silas as an Inspector. His Charisma is just right. None of these stars overacted and overshadowed each other, although the script was a walk in the park for the high end experts in Hollywood, they controlled there talents and kept the plot at its desired Volume. The volume FHD wanted it to be at. The Volume that all you readers who may watch it once you read this, the volume that it can be best enjoyed in.  What’s next FHD?


Title: The Tourist

Starring: Johnny Depp, Angeline Jolie, Paul Bettany

Rated: PG13 for violence and brief strong language

Rating: 07/10

103 Mins