An unidentified spacecraft is shot down over Wisconsin. Its pilot, otherwise known as Starman (Bridges), makes his way to a remote cabin owned by a depressed, young, and widowed woman, Jenny Hayden (Allen). Starman takes the form of Jenny’s late husband. He convinces Jenny to drive him all the way to a location in Arizona, where Starman is to be picked up by the mothership in three days time.

John Carpenter’s 1984 film, is a sort of romantic science fiction starring Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. It tells the story of a “ship-wrecked” alien who takes form as a human, and during a road trip to Arizona, learns a thing or two about what it means to be human.

Jeff Bridges stars as Starman, a role which won the actor Oscar nominations for portraying an innocent alien in a world unfamiliar. Bridges was almost unreal, moving like a robot and talking like one all throughout this film. It was well convincing and a good portrait of the character. Praise well deserved.

Starman has its moments. Its both humorous and interesting at the same time. A “romantic sci-fi road trip” would be a good description in a nutshell. Shows the typical cliche “aliens come in peace”, and its always the humans who are the hostile ones. Jeff Bridges excellent performance is enough to keep you glued.