Last Song (2010)

I was not expecting much of this movie, however it was on the top of my list to see because I am a girl who can’t get enough of the sappy love story. “Last Song” Is the typical Nicholas Sparks story, heart ache, death, love, and a whole lot of drama. Miley Cyrus surprised me with playing a darker roll than usual and I was pleasantly surprised.

Veronica ‘Ronnie Miller’ (Miley Cyrus) who is a seventeen year old girl and her kid brother Jonah (Bobby COleman) are forced to leave there hectic New York life with their mother Kim (Kelly Preston) to go and live with there father Steve (Greg Kinnear) in Tybee Island, Georgia. Ronnie is angry with both of her parents because of their divorce and has fallen into a bad crowd because of it. She seems to put most of the blame onto her father, who use to be her best friend. Ronnie was an aspiring pianist, who played side by side with her father, but once the divorce came she quit playing entirely. 

Ronnie meets the “perfect” boy Will Blakelee (Liam Hemsworth) and at once he is captivated by her, but Ronnie would rather have nothing to do with him. They run into each other numerous times before their relationship starts to bloom. Ronnie and Will run into different problems all along the way. Could this be a summer romance that survives?

The relationships between everyone in this movie is a roller coaster and the story told in this film is the same story as so many others, yet this one seems a little bit more unforgettable than the rest. It has the first love story, but then also the love of a parent and child, that is heart wrenching. 

“Last Song” made me laugh out loud, but by the time i left the theatre I was crying. I really felt the emotions of these characters. Some of the lines through out the movie were over the top and a little much for me to take but other parts felt very real. THe music chosen for this movie I thought was great, it enhanced some of the a-typical scenes and made them stand out for me.

Overall I really liked this movie, it captured my intention from the beginning to the end, and I love a good love story. If you are okay with the typical love story and heart break scenario then this movie is definitely for you.

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