Every child never appreciates the struggle and sacrifice a mother goes through to protect and raise them. The late night coughs served with medicine and a kiss to the forehead, the stern looks and high voices while disciplining them, and the hugs of welcome from a day at school. Milo (voiced by Seth Green) and his Mom (voiced by Joan Cusack), are always at each other’s throat with the Mom yelling at his wrongdoings and Milo’s smart-mouth reply. One night, their argument gets intense and Milo says one phrase that brings his Mom to tears. Later that night, he realizes that he went too far and decides to goes apologize, but before doing so, she is abducted by aliens and swept across the lawn into a field. Milo runs after her towards a large space ship. His clothes get caught on one of its landing legs and his rides with them to Mars. Will Milo get his Mom back? What do the aliens want with her? Will Milo and his Mom be forever stuck on Mars? 


            Well, the film was okay. As always, I love Disney’s real-life animation. I thought the story was unique and satisfying for a family film. It sends a good message to not take Mom for granted. The acting was entertaining, more for children than adults because of some of the silly jokes. Every time, I watch a Disney flick, I have to keep telling myself not to cry but I get so into the movies. This film was really trying to push them out during certain scenes but I kept a strong face and refused. I really like and hate that about Disney. They love to bring their audience in with laughter and sadness. All in all, I will see this film again.