Cowboys and Aliens

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in front of the lens and Jon Favreau at the back seat calling the shots; COWBOYS AND ALIENS yet to be released in the UAE  is much anticipated by us as it was worldwide. One thing is for sure, there are cowboys and then there are aliens, there is sure fire action, there is some gnarly aliens with gooey stuff dangling out of them and there is indeed a collision of both sides. What you should not expect is an intellectual plot, space for character development and anything else other than a raw “you shoot I shoot” attitude. Thrilling to sit and enjoy and walk away thinking “everything in the title was present”, most certainly this is not for those who are seeking entertainment on the pars of ALIEN (1979). I am sensing the best bet for that is to be patient until Ridley Scotts PROMETHEUS is released and boycott COWBOYS AND ALIENS. 

What was great and what was not?

Great – The bizarre thought of Cowboys and Aliens in one picture is the greatest thrill for me. I was convinced that nothing can be worse than ALIENS VS PREDATORS. So if you like your aliens oddly combined with cowboys then it’s one reason. The next is the very subtle comedy, it is so subtle that it was in fact nonexistent, however if you keep your eyes and ears sharply tuned and there will be few moments with Sam Rockwell. Also as much man would agree, there is always more pleasure when you can see what you’re enjoying! As much as night time action sequences are effective in IRONMAN Jon Favreau has focused more on day time action sequences which is most welcome. I hate seeing the scariest alien to be killed in the sewers in deep blue lighting! 

Not – The plot seems to have been sketched by Charles from SUPER 8. Quite basic for a star cast and also can work quite negative with those viewers who look for depth in summer blockbusters. Alien presence is a little less with comparison to the over-does of Cowboys. Character depth and development does not seem to have been considered heavily to a point where the audience would begin to connect with one person. 

Jake (Daniel Craig) wakes up all Samantha who with a metallic device attached to his left arm. Never mess with a man who has no memory! Jake took 3 cowboys to the ground within 3 seconds after a very short confrontation and was soon on his way with a new set of threads and of course a stolen horse. Jake; a dispassionate cowboy rides onto to a small western village that I presume was somewhere in the mid or late 19th century. Here he meets Doc (Sam Rockwell) the towns’ tavern owner, Ella (Olivia Wilde) the mysterious lady who hits him on the head from behind and Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) a very powerful businessman/ cowboy of the town at that time. All of them together run into the Aliens that very night. It was like a preplanned bon fire of the wild wild west! Apart from the metallic weapon attached to Jakes arm nothing can harm the body snatching aliens, which makes Dolarhyde and Jake best friends. 

Title: Cowboys and Aliens

Directed: Jon Favreau

Starring: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell & Olivia Wilde

Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of western and sci-fi action and violence, some partial nudity and a brief crude reference

Rated: 05/10

118 Minutes

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