Mostly everyone believes in destiny, that a plan is set for your life. What if you found the people who make that plan? Congressman and Senate hopeful, David Norris (Matt Damon), is on the prime of his political life. With being the youngest congressman and many supporters by his side, his future looks bright. One day, he meets a woman named Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt), whom he is instantly drawn to and can’t imagine a day without her. Unfortunately, that’s not part of his plan and after he stumbles onto the adjustment bureau, they make it clear that he cannot be with Elise.  David tries to create distant but he still needs Elise in his life and vice versa. Now they have to find a way to make their relationship work and be on the run from the bureau who knows their every move before they make it? Will David and Elise be together? What will interrupting his plan do to David’s future? Will the bureau take extreme measures to keep them apart? 


Review:Well, I didn’t care too much for this film. There wasn’t enough suspense and action for me. I do like David’s determination to be with Elise and I do love Elise’s personality. The bureau itself bored me because they didn’t seem that threatening. I’m not saying that they should hurt David but do a little more to get their point across that the plan cannot and will not shift. Even though I don’t like the film too much, I think Matt played his role well. I like the storyline and the concept by not the film itself. All in all, I will not see this film again.