Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is serving his country in a different and new way to fight against terrorism. A terrible explosion has happened on a Chicago train and Colter has only eight minutes before the incident to locate the bomb and killer or he or she will continue to kill many people. Each time he goes back, he discovers clues as to how he got into the program and why he was selected. Each time he wastes, the killer is plotting his or her next target. Eight minutes could save or destroy many lives. Will Colter find the killer? Why was he chosen? What will happen if he finds the killer, will he go home? 


Review:                        First and foremost, this is a horrible movie. This movie got so many great reviews when it first came out of how mesmerizing it is. Wrong. All he does is go back and forth to the train and then to his station. The entire concept was not believable. The action scenes were less than mediocre and his desperation for the truth was boring. At the end of this film, I was more upset because it didn’t make sense. I wish I could give it away but when you see it, ask yourself how that is possible. Also say to yourself that this does not fit with what the program was trying to do. All in all, I will never see this film again.