So who reading this likes a good suspense thriller with lots of action, good storyline, excellent acting. I do that’s why I took in this suspense thriller this weekend. It stars Liam Neeson (taken, clash of the titans), Dianna Kruger (inglorious basterds, national treasure book of secrets) and January Jones (madmen, xmen first class). It’s directed by jaume colllet sera and runs about 2 hours.

 Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) stars as a man on a business trip with his wife Elizabeth (January Jones) in Germany after checking into his hotel he realizes he left a bag back at the airport. He decides to jump back in a cab and go to the airport to retrieve it. He gets into an accident on the way back   and ends up in the hospital and   wakes up with memory loss. He spends the movie retracing his steps trying to figure out  who he is with Gina (Dianna Kruger) the cabby  that saved his life. In the process o f these events they run into some shady people who are trying to kill him for a reason unknown to him at the time. While trying to figure out whom the heck he is a nurse at the hospital he was at gives him the name of a private investigator that might be able to help. The private investigator pulls few strings and discovers there is alot more going on than just a man’s memory loss. It has to do with the trip he was there for originally.Mr. Martin harries finds out after digging most of the movie things aren’t what he thought were in his life. You will have to and go and see what that was.

 The cast worked flawlessly together Liam neeson is very good in this type of role; it reminded me of his role in taken minus the entire butt kicking. Dianne Kruger and frank langella were good additions to this well written story.

 I have never seen Germany before the film gives a very good look at the city of Berlin Germany and what the everyday life is like, small cafes, night clubs, etc. They pulled off these very wild car chases throughout   the streets of Germany extremely well. I really would like to see how the pull off filming one of those wild car chase that must be wild.  I have to say all in all it was very well done film from the story line, down especially the look of everyday germany up close . I have to give it 3 stars.