Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Adventure,Drama Into The Wild. An Emotional Rollercoaster.

Into The Wild. An Emotional Rollercoaster.

Director: Sean Penn

Starring: Emile Hirsch, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Hal Holbrook, Cathrine Keener, Vince Vaughan, Kristen Stewart.

Overview: ‘Freedom’, What would you call freedom?, There are many answers to this and none of them are wrong. Everyone has their own definition of freedom. Based on a true story about a remarkable man, Christopher McCandless on his big adventure, Sean Penn, Director and Sccreenplay, had a vision of how he would portray this young man in his battle and triumph of ultimate freedom.

The Story: Based on a true story about a young guy, Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch), A college graduate who had his whole life in front of him. It was that life his parents always wanted for him, but it wasn’t what he wanted. so McCandless donates $24,000 of his college fund to Oxfam and set of on his ultimate journey with nothing but at rucksack on his back. On his travels he meets wonderful and exciting people of different roots and different views in life. These people, he will never forget, and they will never forget him. From the Colorado river, down to Mexico in a canoe, into Los Angles in a Freight train, then to his last stop before the Alaskin adventure. McCandless encounters Ron Franz ( Hal Holbrook), a retired uniformed officer, which he stays with for a few months, bonding together, until an emotional departure. Last stop, Alaska, ‘the Magic Bus’ were he set up camp and became free.

The Verdict: A star studded line up including, Emile Hirsch, William Hurt and Hal Holbrook, this emotional rollercoaster adventure is utterly beautiful. Lead role Emile Hirsch puts all into his character and would do Christopher McCandless himself proud. Another powerful performance is by Hal Holbrook, which brought a tear to my eye. With the scenery and sheer spectacle of this movie, this is one of my favourite films i’ve seen this year. Director Sean Penn adds another masterpiece under his belt.

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