I have to admit this wasn’t a must see for me right away considering JJ Abrams  previous  monster movie clover field,  the constant camera moving gave  me a headache. I ’m glad i decide to go see super 8. This sci-film is about a group of friend’s wannabe films makers doing a class project at a local train station when they witness tragic train accident and what happen afterwards. JJ Abrams did a wonderful job crafting a classic sci- fi horror movie that keeps you on your toes the whole movie. This film stars Kyle Chandler and introduces some fine young actors, Joel Courtney, Ryan lee, Elle Fanning. Super 8 is written and directed by J.J. Abrams and is just shy of 2 hrs.

J.J. Abrams latest project set in the 1970’s in a small Ohio town where there nice quiet existence is  shook up by a train wreck, and the mysterious cargo that was being transported through their town. The story revolves around a young man joe lamb trying to adjust to life after the death of his mother after a work place accident. He finds solitude with his friends filming a movie for a class project. While filming their class project they witness a train crash and make a pact not to say anything, because they weren’t supposed to be there that late at night, kids what you are going to do with them. The military leap’s into town to clean up the mess and hide what there transporting across country. The boys get the film developed from the night of the crash and discover the military is transporting something looks like it belongs to area 51. While trying to figure out how to finish their film lots of strange things are happening. The mysterious train cargo goes about stealing power lines off poles, car batteries, people, and the towns pet population is disappearing.

 The one thing that stood was the acting. The cast wasn’t filled with any really big names but that didn’t stop the quality of the story being told. I love how you saw the story unfold in the eyes of the children throughout the whole movie. The use of  the small town as  a back drop  for  the film adds  to the appeal/ charm  of the film, and the story line involving the kids and  their quest to find out  about  what was on the train and why the  military  was so interested  in the cargo.

I can’t understand why JJ Abrams is so hush hush with his projects he does good work for the most part .You really didn’t know what to expect in this film  because he is so hush hush. I think if he marketed it more it might have gotten a lot better press. I  thought  JJ Abrams did a wonderful job crafting a  classic  sci –fi film  not a lot special  effects,  more story driven . I have to hand it to Mr. Abrams he did a great job here. I give it 3 stars.