The anthology animated feature Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
introduces the audience to several Green Lantern Corps members, but the
film fails in its attempt to make the audience care about the majority
of the cast. The result is a simplified version of the characters in
question and a film that mostly consists of meaningless fight scenes.

The film begins with the threat of epic proportions which causes all
the Green Lanterns to band together. During this time, Earth’s Green
Lantern, Hal Jordan recounts several classic stories to rookie lantern
Arisa. Jordan, voiced by Nathan Fillion recounts the tale of the first
Green Lantern, the story of Kilowog and how he became the most famous
drill instructor in the Green Lantern Corps. We then see the epic story
of Mogo, the planet Green Lantern followed by the story of Laira, a
rebellious Lantern who must battle her father and we end the stories
with the Lantern of Earth’s sector before Jordan, the tale of Abin Sur.
Each of the tales are short and to the point and that would be nice if
the story wasn’t mostly a continuous battle sequence.

The most fun of these entries was the tale of Mogo and Bolphunga.
Bolphunga is the greatest warrior in the known universe, yet he hears
the tale of Mogo, a foe that is claimed to be mightier than even
Bolphunga. This tale preys on the ego of Bolphunga and he instantly
sets off to fight this reclusive Mogo. He arrives on a planet and
begins to set up motion sensors and the like to determine the location
of this Mogo. After seemingly months of effort, Bolphunga becomes
frustrated to no end and begins setting off bombs to flush out Mogo.
After the bombs explode, the damage is wiped clean by the Green Lantern
Mogo who is revealed to be not a person, but the entire planet.
Bolphunga tries to escape but Mogo halts his craft and destroys it.

The problem with the film is if I were to be a complete outsider, I
would have no frame of reference for any of these characters. They are
introduced but the majority of them feel too much like a stock character
and there are no motivations involved in this type of story. The
story is very battle heavy and that ultimately does nothing for me as
the main Lanterns involved in these stories are present in the
retelling, leaving the recounting of the story without stakes of any
kind. The final confrontation in the film is well done and interesting
but it ultimately can’t make-up for this film that was too concerned
with fights and not concerned enough with the people in those fights.