Director – Roland Emmerich

Writer – Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser

Starring – Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Joel Virgil, Affif Ben Badra, Mo Zinal


For the average movie goer 10,000 BC will probably have them shrugging at the film being just okay. But for anyone looking closer at the film, at its actual filmmaking, they will see the bad film it really is.

Set, yes you guessed it, in the year 10,000 BC the film tells the story of a young, brave mammoth hunter and his journey through uncharted territories to save his people.

The film is at an immediate disadvantage with me as I am not a fan of action/adventure films involving huge creatures, fantasy or otherwise, that people have to battle. It’s purely a thing of personal taste and not a thing I can hold against the film for the general public. I can, however, hold the sub-par action, historical inaccuracy and boring and plodding plot against it. You feel every minute of the film’s near two hour runtime, all the time aching for something exciting and attention grabbing to happen on-screen. Instead you get action scenes we have scene a million times before, not-so-special-special effects and unconvincing actors that look like they’ve just walked off a soap opera set. It’s all very hap-hazardly done in favour of what the makers think are stunning set pieces and visuals.

The special effects within the film would have been impressive a few years ago. But CGI has moved on this since then, and after such showcasing like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the recent bringing to life of the Transformers, and thus 10,000 BC’s aren’t bad in any way but just are nothing we haven’t seen before.

The film, above most other things, is blatantly historically inaccurate. Correct me if I’m wrong but people didn’t speak English as we speak it now back in those times. They attempt to tackle this by having the characters speak in broken, not fully formed English when actually it comes off as a foreigner trying to speak our language so that we, the audience, can understand. Obviously if the film was in the appropriate language, with accompanying subtitles, then it wouldn’t draw in the masses, which is a sad thing indeed. And also correct me if I’m wrong but they didn’t have good dental plans and make-up in those days either. So outwith the boring story and same-old action sequences we also have implausibility’s and inaccurate details that made me countless times roll my eyes in disbelief.

The acting in the film leaves something to be sorely desired. Apart from the actors being unconvincing that they would actually be in this time period and not in 21st century Los Angeles, their mannerisms, look, and actions are what irked me the most. Like I said, if I’m not mistaken, they didn’t speak English in those days and they also didn’t have the morals, values and ways of looking at things like we do now. It’s not only totally unconvincing on the actors parts but at points really embarrassing.

Despite my general less than enthusiastic interest in battle scenes involving huge fantastical creatures I was at least clinging onto that to carry away with me a vague sense of enjoyment. But those action sequences are not only the kind we have seen plenty of times before but they are also short lived. There is more boring dialogue and concentration on the plodding storyline than there is action and visuals.

10,000 BC is a disaster on virtually every intended level. The acting is bad, the special effects not so special, it’s very historically inaccurate and to top it all off I can’t even recommend it on a pure action-oriented level as it’s nothing we haven’t seen a million times before. It all amounts to a film you should completely avoid.