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Run, Fatboy, Run: An Early Review

“Run, Fatboy, Run” stars Simon Pegg (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz)and co-stars Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria, and Dylan Moran. It features David Schwimmer’s directorial debut and a script written by Simon Pegg and Michael Ian Black.

David (Simon Pegg) is an out-of-shape slacker who has never finished anything in his entire life and is always running in the wrong direction. Libby (Thandie Newton) was his pregnant fiance that he left five years ago. He regrets this every day of his life, especially when he discovers that Libby has found a friend named Whit, who spends his days running marathons. This encourages David to lose weight and win back his only love.

Simon Pegg stars without his usual co-star Nick Frost. This doesn’t hurt the film, but it certainly doesn’t help any. The film is missing a strong supporting cast to add the side laughs. I had low expectations for “Run Fatboy Run”, but proves to be a more amusing British comedy than “Hot Fuzz”, which was obviously a hit or miss. Simon Pegg doesn’t try really hard to be funny and still managed to throw in consistent chuckles while adding some generally hilarious moments into the mix.

This is the comedy you should see when it’s released in theaters March 28th. This is full of smiles and the occasional belly laughs. The moments that are gut-bustingly funny are disgusting, but stays within the acceptable boundaries. This is a feel good and inspirational movie that many will rave as being a cute romantic comedy that is carried by Simon Pegg’s ability to cause uncontrollable laughter.

With David Schwimmer behind the camera, you would expect this comedy to run itself straight into the dirt. Instead, it’s a steadily entertaining film. There are many flaws, but they just don’t seem to hurt the film entirely. “Run, Fatboy, Run” is an overall delightful movie. It’s sentimental without being cheesy, crude without being offensive, and predicable without being aggravating. That’s an huge accomplishment all it’s own.

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