It’s been 60 years since Paul has been a visitor on planet earth. Being imprisoned in a Military facility for a long time the green guy (Paul the Alien), finds a way out. He escapes god knows how, and flees in the first vehicle he comes across. Unable to reach the pedal at the wheel Paul Swirls and finds himself in a fatal car crash, which was pretty much self-inflicted! Graeme and Clive two hardcore comic fans just happen to be taking a road trip across the states exploring area 51 in the greater Americas. Just so happens that Paul just like clockwork crashes right in front of them and so the friendship begins. Fleeing from the law is not an easy task if you’re an alien I would say, not far behind in agent Zoil hot on their tail trying to bring Paul back in. Clive and Graeme make it their own concern as they earnestly try to save the little guy and send him back home. The choices they make are fairly unorthodox, but effective.

Written by Nick Frost & Simon Pegg, this alienated comedy is just what you are about to expect as per the trailer. Slapstick comedy, fast pacing and at times downright stupid; yet that is the genius comedy that makes this a fun to watch movie by the entire family if you’re above 18! Some language and content seem to have brought upon R MPAA rating which personally I felt is a bit too much, taking into consideration the gist of storyline. Yet; that’s just how it is! Director Greg Mottala (Superbad, Adventurland) who is known for his funny approach to movies does a sheer marvelous job on this hilarious sci fi comedy. A personal favorite of mine was the blowing up of the house! Without giving it all away, I need to say, simple but satisfying! Nick Frost, Simon Pegg & Jason Bateman. What a lovely combination of talent. The two Englishmen and the New Yorker does a fantastic job and keeps the movie and very fast pace. Seth Rogen does a perfect Paul, and his voice just livens up the lines in a manner that even some dialogues that are serious sounds funny.

It has been a while since I have been entertained on a Sci Fi comedy. As a critic at times one becomes to analytical, however there are a few productions that just go by me that deserve to be viewed in the intent it was scripted. The reason I chose to say this is the result of conversations where some believe that there is no depth in the characters and there was no intricate plot progression. That’s when to the best of my knowledge, I shifted my paradigms and made an effort to align it with what presumably were in the hearts and the minds of the director and the writers. If you manage to do so you will enjoy the story of “Paul”. If you are a fan of entertainment and allow room for some sci fi stupidity which is eventually a farce this for sure is one of those to sit back and watch with family or a few of your close buddies.  

Title: Paul

Directed by: Greg Mottala

Starring: Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Jason Bateman & Seth Rogen

Rated: Rated R for language including sexual references, and some drug use.

Rating: 07/10

109 Minutes