Now for starters I will say I am a very big fan of anything marval, but I will say many film adaptations have been over the top and cheesey, also some have not captured the darker elements that made these comics/graphic novels outstanding.

I went to see X-Men first class with little optimism…………………and boy was I wrong, it had me entertained through out. the story followed very closely to the original comic book version as well as some great performances and one in particular Micheal Fassbender as Magneto such pure screen presence I couldn’t help but be impressed, the ever on form Kevin Bacon playing Sebastian Shaw was also a treat for myself and hopefully for others I felt that James McAvoy put in a good performance as a young Charles Xavier but for me he was over shadowed by  the raw talent of Fassbender. 

So a good cast a great story and some epic performances I recommend any fan of the X-Men genre needs to see this, as i said at the beginning the lack of optimism was there but it kept me entertained It’s a must see people!!!!.

  • Cast
  • Charles Xavier (James McAvoy)
  • Magneto (Micheal Fassbender)
  • Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon)
  • Emma Frost (January Jones)
  • Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)
  • Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult)
  • Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till)
  • Sean Cassidy/Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones)
  • Azazel (Jason Flemming)