Is Postal just another Uwe Boll slip-and-fall disaster piece, or is it actually something of an improvement over his usual fare? Actually, it’s an odd combination of the two.

Meet the Postal Dude (Zach Ward), an unfortunate, average man who lives in a trailer with his once beautiful wife who’s now absurdly obese. In desperate need of money, the Postal Dude seeks help from his hippie cult leader, Uncle Dave (Dave Foley). Together they plan to hold up an amusement park. Unfortunately, the Taliban are planning to do the same and the result is mayhem.

The film is a satire of both Uwe Boll’s usual movies and terrorism. To my surprise, while it doesn’t qualify as the most reliable sort of entertainment, it actually doesn’t stink entirely. Moments like the beginning and closing sequences are worthy of at least a grin, which is a huge compliment and one that Uwe Boll can savor during his time spent earning Razzie Awards as a director.

Keep in mind, Postal is offensive and mean-spirited (due to the lack of compassion towards what it is spoofing). But this is also a comedy that doesn’t take much seriously, what with its religious, racist, and disorderly jokes (most of the put-downs are forgiven in the end).

In many ways, this is one of Uwe Boll’s most successful films. It has a few well-shot scenes, cheesy but memorable one-liners, the Osama Bin Laden character doing an American accent, and George W. Bush sharing a sense of kinship with the Taliban. There are even a few scattered chuckles in its tired 100 minute running time.

I don’t want to over-praise the film, though some might already think I have; to be clear though, it isn’t by any means a good movie. Most of the characters are annoying and every joke that hits is followed by nearly a dozen that miss. However, it just never met my expectation of being a complete disaster and is, more importantly, a spoof on Uwe Boll himself. Most of the time it doesn’t work, but given the fact that it actually does work a few times it becomes an improvement over Uwe Boll’s previous outings.

Postal is tasteless, foul, misleading, but not entirely humorless. It is a front-runner for my guilty pleasure of the year. It is one of those films you’re embarrassed for even partly enjoying and feel strained when you don’t recommend it. While I know deep down as a critic that this is a bad film, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy some of the measly, inane satire. If you want an intelligent satire on terrorism, check out War, Inc. with John Cusack. If you’re looking for a movie with less intelligence and a Uwe Boll signature on it, Postal fits the bill. A mild non-recommendation for Postal seems appropriate given the fact that it’s not as bad as some make it out to be.

The DVDs special features include “Raging Boll: Uwe Boll Boxes His Critics,” a Verne Troyer clip, a behind the scenes look, and a trailer. 2/5 stars