According to the Netflix description, Final is a film featuring a potent performance by Denis Leary. Never has a description been so wrong. What Leary produces is mid level acting in a boring, uninteresting and poorly executed film. Leary stars as Bill a delusional man with mood swings, and continuous flashes to his past. The film begins with Bill in a mental hospital. He is stuck, as is the audience, in this room for the majority of this two hour long film. Bill rants and raves about cryogenics and his ex-fiance while being attended by Ann played by Hope Davis. Ann of course becomes sympathetic to Bill because it says so in the script. There has never been a more awkward black hole of chemistry on screen than the scenes with Davis and Leary. Davis is solid in the film but it’s Leary attempting to play this role straight, without his delivery found in his stand-up comedy and the television series Rescue Me that’s the real disappointment.

Back to the plot, Bill slowly begins to work out why he’s in the mental hospital and after a few days Ann begins to show what a poor doctor she is and opens up to him about her own personal life. The two become closer until the big shocking reveal….he was involved in cryogenics and we’re in the future! Yawn. From here the film goes on about Bill being used for medical treatment of others in the future world. Of course Ann has now grown an attachment to him and doesn’t want to see him killed in the name of helping many others. It’s just a silly film that’s not well made and features some pretty bad performances. Definitely give this one a wide berth.