Dogtooth (94 min)

You really don’t know what to say after watching a movie like this one. It is hard to find the words to clearly describe what you just saw. Only a few words can really suffice. Weird, perverse, and messed up in every possible sense known to man. Now I’ve seen a lot of movies in my life. That being true I have also seen a lot of weird movies in my life. This movie, though takes the cake with ridiculous flying colors. Three teenage kids are confined and sheltered by their parents, who home school them as well by telling them different definitions for words. An example would be that “sea”, instead of an ocean is “a leather armchair” and a “zombie” is “a small yellow flower”. The kids find different and very odd things to keep them entertained around the house and who are completely cut off from the real world. Only the dad is allowed to leave the property as he works at a factory making the living. This is until an outsider is brought in, Christina, in order to satisfy the son’s sexual urges. She brings with her the outside with materialistic things that she trades the two teenage sisters for a “lick”. This turns the alternate world that the teens have made for themselves completely upside down. This movie was just too weird for me. It will indeed intrigue you and will blow you away, questioning your own sanity as to what is going on. You will not know what is going on in this movie. I mean the kids are deprived of the real world sure, but what is the point? Just to show what kids would turn into having reality taken from them? Well it proves its point in that way I guess. If you do end up making it to the end of this movie, without shutting it off and walking away, you will end up looking at the Greek credits thinking to yourself: “what just happened”?