I don’t know why this movie got such shit reviews, I thought it was pretty good. The movie was entertaining and kept me waiting for something good to happen or some other coincidental event to occur, which it did. I was happy and surprised that this movie wasn’t bad, and that Sir Anthony Hopkins was phenomenal as usual. The reasons it could have been better? It was marketed as a horror…. absolutely not. Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” was scarier than this movie was, but the movie was dramatic and thrilling, and provided a good amount of cinematic appeal and well-constructed story. Oh, and its also based on a true story. So buckle up… but not too tight, we’re still gonna go the speed limit.

The movie is about a seminary-wannabe-drop-out who has to go to the Vatican to train to be an exorcist or he’d owe the school he attended over $100,000. On this training, he meets Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), who is a very unorthodox exorcist who aims to train the man to overcome his fears and past, and accept God as a whole. The man is not sure what his religious beliefs, and when a woman reporter (Alice Braga) wants him to report what he sees while in the company of Father Lucas, interesting things start happening.

Best Aspects: Anthony Hopkins being Anthony Hopkins, interesting plot, good writing, and a story that was easy to follow and open to speculation.

Bottom Line: B-. The movie should have been marketed as a “drama” or a “thriller,” not a horror movie. It was good, though, worth a watch on a random Wednesday night.