Gerard Butler manages to snatch him selves some of the most eccentric roles , and sometimes also the far apart characters.Although he was in the screens since the late 90s , he never struck to me in a role like the one he portrays of King Leonidas.After watching 300 thats when I said to my self – isnt this the guy from Dracula? back in the day? thats when I budded an interest in watching him on the big screen. Since 300 he did appear in quite a few movies,out of which I did manage to watch a few “PS I love you, Roch N Rolla, The Ugly Truth” and so on.How ever this is about “GAMER”;how he portrays “Kable” in the movie Gamer Directed by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor. Although the movie has a high tendcy of giving you a gauranteed headache due to the way the directors has decided to show it us ,with shaky camera scenes and high tech gaming screens , its less enjoyable – however if you last the first 30 minutes of this movie I belive you can watch the rest.Gamer – to be quite frank is not one of those movies that I would say you have to watch -this is definitely one of those movies I believe you may skip if u aint a huge fan of Gerard Butler. Whilst watching this movie I began to wonder about one thing – and I am sure you would too if you have watched the following movies – “The Surrogates, Gamer & Avatar”. All the movies have one common concept – Can u belive that!! And all the movies were released in 2009. I for once thought that the writers/creators sat down came up with one concept of the story line and then changed the names of the characters and the locations where it all takes place. All these movies have humans controlling other things by mind. Gamer takes it to the next level – Gamer has humans controlling humans by mind , and whats worse in video games!! Ha thats a new one even for me!!The action scenes in the movies were off the hook – the intro into the first scene with “Sweet Dreams (are made of this)” and then panning into the battle with the amazing;simply marvalous ,ASTOUNDING battle scenes. Wow; the weapons,the deaths of the characters in battle, that was a piece of work. Even through out the movie, each action cut had been carefully studied and executed. They were one of those few moments in the movie that made me realise this movie was worth the watch.The escape , the runway jeep and the jump to the new world was done very well and and I must say the entire crew at those points did achieve what they were working for. 21st Centruy Entertaintment for the vierwer! In this case me :).This may sound a bit controversial to all that I said all this while – however there is most definitely two sides to a story; at least to me there was.Something I really wished would have been different in the movie was how the entire story went by – there was a lot of shooting and bombing and a lot of bloodshed. However the movie was not about a war!! It aint a BLACK HAWK DOWN – if you know what I mean.The movie was about a fight for freedom , and a plea of independence from Nanex. I would have liked it more if the focus was more on that and less on the gaming of the war – but I guess, Mark & Brian did have a school of thought to which they stuck by. Maybe next time they stick by a school of thought where we are entertained more!!!!!Action/Sci-fi/Thriller – Gamer suits or rather can be matched into all these genres. I guess this was also one of those reasons I believe I watched it. I am a sucker for the thrillers!!!!! I am glad I watched this movie.Gerard Butlers portrayal of “Kabale” was Crystal and right on the spot for me.I am just a regular movie buff and this is just how I saw the movie and how I felt about it – No more no less…..If you have not seen it…. Entirely your choice!!!